"Happy" is a song that Lily Allen wrote with Greg Kurstin for the Bridget Jones Diary musical. She also recorded a demo of the song. After she was sacked from the musical, she released the demo on her SoundCloud account.

Lyrics Edit

I'll probably be on my own until my dying day
Just lying undiscovered on the floor left to decay
I won't have seen those place I wanted to have seen
I'll probably be living in some flat in Milton Keynes

I'll probably buy groceries with coupons I collect
I'll have to cash them in in supermarkets I detest
If I have to go to Iceland, I think I might be sick
I'll only go to Iceland if it's got a Reykjavik

I'm a going nowhere, sad case, loser
I only ever wanted to be happy, happy, happy
That's all I want to be

I'll probably find someone who can be my
I'll try to make him stay with me for longer than one night
I imagine he'll then realize I'm approaching 33
He'll go off with someone younger and much prettier than me

She'll be called Saffron, Arabella or Louise
She'll be beautiful exotic and have legs as long as trees
Meanwhile in the garden as you do
I'll be looking for a bunny I could use for rabbit stew

Cause I'm a going nowhere, sad case, loser
I only ever wanted to be happy, happy (shit), happy
That's all I want to be

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